06/10/2010 Chris Wells? Funeral

      A member of the Triumph community was farewelled at a funeral service in Hawera today. Chris was a former member of the WTSCC & more recently of his own local club in the Taranaki. He was a regular attendee
      of the Triumphs @ Taupo & if you didn?t get the chance to meet him you may remember
      his blue TR7. 

      Chris arrived in NZ from England in 1970 &
      set up home in Eltham with his wife Tina.  Together they raised two boys & for the last 36 years Chris worked for Shell at the various sites around Taranaki.

      Chris was the kind of bloke you could call a friend from the first handshake. Despite
      his passion for Triumphs he was well respected for his honesty, hard work & his ability to peddle a car.

      Chris found out he had cancer at the start
      of the year & despite a near miss with remission, Chris died on Friday October 1st aged 63. Our commiserations go to Tina, his sons Philip & Murray, his brother Alan & everyone else who had the privilege of knowing him.

      Other than Triumphs @ Taupo the other event that Chris is known for is the bi-annual Ngawhini Hillclimb which he helped to run.  It would be good to see a few more WTSCC cars at the next running of this historic event on February 20th, 2011 as a tribute to Chris & his legacy.

      Click the YouTube logo for a video of the Ngawhini Hillclimb. 

30/06/2010 WTSCC Achieves 2nd Place in Ferrari Kart Challenge

      The Ferrari Owners Club challenged several other local clubs to a go-kart race at the North City Indoor Raceway on June 30th & the WTSCC was on the invite list.  We were up for the challenge & came in a creditable 2nd behind the FOC but ahead of the MGCC, the Onslow Tar Babies (a mountain bike club) & two Porsche club teams.  Congratulations to the FOC blokes on the win & of course to the WTSCC team who were under-funded & had managed almost no testing in the days leading up to the race.

Click the YouTube logo for a video of the Kart Challenge.