Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club, or WTSCC, was formed in 1983 by a group of like minded individuals who felt that Triumph Sports Cars, with the exception of the TR, were not being well catered for in the Wellington area. At the time there already existed two clubs for Triumph enthusiasts in Wellington, the TR Register, which is a national club, and the Hutt Valley Triumph Club, which it was felt catered mainly for the big Saloons. We therefore took on the mantle of being the club to join if you owned a Triumph sports car ie Spitfire, GT6, Stag, TR or one of the Triumph sports saloons ie Vitesse, Dolomite Sprint etc. This rule was quite rigorously enforced until mid 1987 when at our AGM it was decided to open the club to all Triumphs and Triumph enthusiasts. This change was brought about by the many enquiries we received from saloon owners keen to join us and also by the dissolution of the Hutt Valley Triumph Owners Club prior to this.

1987 was also the year that saw Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club create Triumphs at Taupo, which is a weekend event that sees the Saturday at Taupo Centennial Race track with all types of Triumphs racing and plenty of others parked on the embankment with their occupants watching. Sunday is a social day with more relaxing events held before we go home. Triumph clubs from throughout New Zealand are invited to this special event.  WTSCC have been running Triumphs at Taupo since its inception with the exception of one year, which the Stag Club organised. Triumphs at Taupo has, of late, become known to many Triumph enthusiasts throughout the country as The Triumph Nationals. We have even had keen Triumph enthusiasts from overseas attend, unfortunately without their cars.

Stepping back a year to 1986 saw Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club gain affiliation to the Motorsport New Zealand (MSNZ). MSNZ is the governing body of motorsport in New Zealand. Through this affiliation it has opened up the world of motorsport to our members, those that wish to, may acquire a competition licence which enables them to compete in which ever level of motorsport they desire, and indeed from our club we have had some noted cars and drivers. Being a MSNZ club and being a Wellington club means we are also entitled to Wellington Motorsport Association (WMSA) membership, which we have taken up. Through these memberships we are in touch with fellow car clubs nationwide and receive newsletters and invitations to other events regularly. We are also able to organise events through these organizations ie certain rounds of the Intermarque series. We also believe we are one of the cheapest clubs to join through which our members can get a competition licence.

As a club Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club like to pride itself on the fact that we listen to our members and hold events that they want to attend. As members come and go and mature we realise that what is wanted from their club changes and we can and are catering for those needs, our events range from a club breakfast to circuit racing and there is not much in between that we have not tried. As we do not have club rooms we hold our Club Nights at various establishments through out the greater Wellington area, these are on the third Wednesday of the month. But please note that while we would like everyone to attend every event we realize that this is not always possible, but please do try to attend as much as you can as the organisers of events do put a lot of work into holding some first class events. Also remember that anyone can organise an event, there is no magic involved just common sense and a sense of humour.

Although the Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club does not own or sell parts our members have collectively acquired a large inventory of useful spares which means that no Triumph should remain disabled for long. We also have discounts arranged through various automotive related retailers. And if in the unlikely event that WTSCC is unable to help we are in regular contact with other Triumph clubs and specialists throughout the country and overseas so hopefully all matters Triumph should be covered. The club has recently decided to maintain a Tool Library which we hope to grow.

Whilst WTSCC is a Wellington based car club our membership base covers all of the country therefore to take this into account we have two categories of membership;

1) Full,

Full membership is for those living within the geographical boundary of Orongorongos-Rimutakas-Akatarawa Road to and including all of Waikanae/Reikorangi.

2) Country

Country membership is for those living outside this boundary.

Once you have decided to join us upon confirmation of your membership you will receive a membership card and receipt.

Since the advent of the internet the world has all of a sudden got smaller, this is so in the world of Triumph. We are now able to communicate with members at the push of a button. Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club has never been one to shy away from technology. It became imperative that we get a web site to present to the world our club. We are now on the web and can be found at www.triumph.net.nz. Both will lead you to our site we hope you will enjoy it. If you are already there and would like to see something that is not featured please use our contacts page and get in touch with one of the committee, but do remember that a web site is a constantly evolving thing and over time features can and do change.

We in the Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club believe in the use and preservation of all Triumph Motor Cars. Very few cars are built to be museum pieces put on show and never driven. Triumph cars were built to be driven, they were conceived by designers with passion and bought by enthusiasts, they were built to get wet (thatís why they have windscreen wipers) dirty and sometimes look sad, but most of all they were built to be driven. Please drive your Triumph ..............and preferably on one of our events.

Keep on Triumphing